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Vishwas JoshiVishwas Joshi, Field Engineer, holds a degree in M.Sc., Geology from University Of Pune and also a degree in Msc, Ecology And Environment from Sikkim Manipal University.

He began his career with Geoservices in 1994 as a mudlogger in Mumbai Offshore.

While as Mudlogger he gained vital experience in various aspects of Wellsite Geological Techniques , Drilling, Electric Logging, Well Testing. He gained good experience working in both Clastic and Carbonate fields in India and Abroad.

Description of both Clastic and Carbonates was done during the wellsite jobs. Gas Chromatographic analysis during Drilling and also during Well Testing was carried by him. Besides these Water Analysis, H2S in Gas, Mercury Analysis, CO2 Determination in Gas was also carried out by him working offshore. Seperator Sampling in Piston Pressurised cylinders and normal Hoke cylinders was also a part of his job.

He possess good experience in coring operations and description of samples at wellsite .

Apart form Geological Background H2S Safety Engineer for offshore and onshore, training has been an additional qualification in his career, which not only covered H2S safety but also other aspects of oil gas safety both on drilling Rigs and Platforms.

He has also conducted consultancy for Oil Gas Exploration conducting Geological analysis for Oil Gas Blocks during NELP and ONGC Marginal fields. Besides this, experience in Reservoir Fluids sampling and analysis in Field during well testing Operations and PVT sampling also forms a part of his Experience.

Qualified as trainer as he possesses Training For Instructors (TOTA) certificate from Maritime Training , Mumbai mandatory to be a trainer.

His overall work experience is as follows:

  • December 2008 till Date Consultant Geologist for Analysis Of Oil Gas in and Geological Surveys for ONGC and also OPITO trainer for Offshore Oil Gas Industry at Suraksha Marine Mumbai.
  • September 2007- September 2008 : Core Laboratories Qatar as Reservoir Fluids Engineer Offshore
  • June1994- October 1999 (Geoservices India) Mudlogging
  • March 2000 to August 2001: Mud Chemist for testing Barites and Bentonites for Oil Well Drilling Trimex International Dubai.
  • December 2001 to May 2004: H2S Safety Engineer Rutledge H2S Services offshore and
    Onshore amd Training Offshore personnel at Suraksha Marine Mumbai, India
  • September 2004 to July 2007: Freelance Consultant for Oil gas Exploration covering Geological Analysis for NELP blocks, ONGC Marginal Fields and Assisting in Reserves Estimation of the block for Shirke Oil Gas and Safety Training for Offshore Personnel at Suraksha Marine Mumbai, India and Safety Officer on NQD Platform ONGC.

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