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Richard D'souzaVincent Richard D’souza, Lab. Supervisor, holds a degree in Bsc Hons, Chemistry And Physics First Class from Mumbai University .

Richard has a vast experience in Routine Core Analysis and Advanced Rock Properties Measurements. He worked for Core Lab for about 27 years before quitting Core Lab in Abu Dhabi.

During his time with Corelab in Abu Dhabi, he was usually the mentor for young Engineers and Geologists joining Corelab, training them in the various aspects of Routine and Special Core Analysis.

His perfection in running Routine Core Analysis and Special Core Analysis tests generated excellent data which was appreciated by seniors and industry specialists alike.

For a brief time, he was also posted in Kuwait as a Laboratory Supervisor.

Richard's total work experience is as follows:

  • August 1999-October 2009: Project Coordinator, Advanced Rock Properties, Core Laboratories, Abu Dhabi Coordinating projects and running various SCAL tests like:
    • Electrical measurements (ambient and overburden conditions),
    • Capillary pressure (porous plate, centrifuge and mercury injection),
    • Compressibility tests,
    • Wettability determinations,
    • Water oil Relative Permeability
    • Gas Oil Relative Permeability
    • Waterflood susceptibility

  • May 1981–February 1997: Core Analyst, Core Laboratories, Abu Dhabi
    • Core catching and preservation on the rigsite
    • Core gamma, slabbing, resination, photography and sample preparation.
    • Carrying out routine core analysis tests on plug and full diameter samples on
    • Porosity, permeability and grain density measurements on plug as well as full diameter core samples (consolidated core and unconsolidated core)
    • Data evaluation and report generation in routine core analysis.

Richard has also attended trainings on:

  • Core Analysis, Dallas Texas, USA, by Core Laboratories, 1983
  • Quality Education System, Abu Dhabi, Core Laboratories, 1990

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