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Ics Team  

The ICS team is a group of professional engineers and geologists having substantial experience and expertise in Onsite core handling and processing, Routine Core analysis and Advanced Rock Properties.


Qualification : Petroleum Engineer
Experience In Core Analysis And Scal : 22 Years +

In addition to running ICS, Atul works with Saudi Aramco, as Core Analysis Project Coordinator. He is responsible for Conventional Core Analysis Program Management. This includes program design and ensuring that core handling, processing and analysis of all cores cut by Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia is as per the requirements of Saudi Aramco. Saudi Aramco cuts approximately 20000 ft of core per year. At any point in time, there are between 25-30 active Core Analysis projects in different stages of the programme.

Previously with Core Lab and Weatherford Laboratories, he has managed Core Analysis laboratories in Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Perth. The list of clients include
He is well known in the industry and has a good deal of trust developed with the clients when with Corelab and Weatherford and in Saudi Aramco. Reference certificates attached.




Project Manager
Qualification : Msc, Geology
Total Oilfield Experience : 35 Years

Tejaswin Deshmukh has just joined ICS as a Director, Projects. His extensive management experience with British Gas in Kazakhstan and India, insight into the oil and gas operations and the legal and operational requirements of Oil and Gas Companies is an asset much sought out for in the industry.
While with British Gas, he has managed Core Analysis projects in India and overseas.




Biostratigrapher, Calcareous Nannofossil Specialist
Qualifications: S1 Degree Biology, University Of Jenderal Soedirman, Purwokerto 1989

Actively involved in numerous routine biostratigraphic studies of well sections and outcrop studies from throughout SE Asia.

Principal calcareous nannofossil specialist for studies of Tertiary and Cretaceous to Jurassic sections in Eastern Indonesia, including the wells drilled by ARCO Berau/Wiriagar (Tangguh discovery in Irian Jaya) and the Oseil wells drilled by Kufpec in Seram.

Expertise as a member of multidisciplinary teams in regional geological evaluations.

Expertise in the application of sequence stratigraphic concepts to biostratigraphic data.

Wellsite experience (calcareous nannofossils) in West Papua, Timor Gap, Seram and Sulawesi.




Operations Supervisor
Qualification : Msc, Geology
Total Experience: 10 Years

Shaikh Mohsin Mukhtar joined ICS in 2012 when we were setting up the laboratory. His background experience with Core Laboratories in Saudi is an immense asset to us.



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