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Portable Spectral Core GammaThe natural Gamma Radiation of a sedimentary rock is generally attributed to the presence of Uranium, Thorium and Potassium.

Emissions of Gamma Rays occur in a spectra. Different elements contribute different energy levels of gamma emissions.

Applications of Core Gamma

  1. Improving lithology identification by comparing with logs.
  2. Inferring Clay mineralogy
  3. Refining shale volumes.
  4. Improving fracture detection.
  5. Aid in identifications of thin intervals

The GMS1750 Core Logger is a hand held gamma spectrometer optimised for detecting naturally occurring radiation.

This is a new instrument designed to replace and supersede the successful GMS1700. The new GMS 310 design includes a more sensitive external detector, a solid aluminium housing and a clear, bright OLED display that can be easily read in bright daylight and dark conditions.

For investigation of relevant elements in a core sample, the instrument is used to monitor gamma radiation over a user defined period and display the results in four preset regions of interest (ROI). These are Uranium, Thorium, Potassium and a total Spectrum count.

PC Interface
Survey results are stored in embedded Data Logger in the instrument, and also downloaded and for analysis via USB to the PC based Software (Core Logger Download Application) provided.

The Core Logger Download Application software is responsible for downloading saved survey records from the GMS 310 Core Logger instrument for review and export into Excel/CSV formatted spreadsheets.

Here the results can be added to graphs, archived or converted to API units


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