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The common methods for core stabilization are not recommended by ICS

  • Gypsum causes particle invasion which is impossible to remove.
  • Epoxy causes difficulty in plugging samples. May not set because of oil.
  • Freezing causes microfractures, core expansion, clay damage. Cost of Freezing.

Polyurethene Foam is soft, provides cushion while transportation and is easy to work with.

In addition to being a simple process, substantiantial reduction in cost is achieved.

  • Two chemicals are premixed
  • Premixed solution is poured down the annulus and the barrel approximately ½ filled
  • Foam is created and expands in the annulus and fractures
  • After foam reaches the top, the section is capped.
  • Setting takes ~25-40 minutes
  • The core is chilled (not frozen) to prevent fluid loss and transport.

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