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The core needs to be slabbed, usually in a 1/3rd 2/3rd ratio to expose the finer lithological details of the rock.

The exposed surface is then photographed under white light and UV light to maintain a permanent record of the core as well as to identify oil zones.

A perfect cut, without blade marks is required

  • A 3 phase, 7.5 hp motor and a 16 inch blade gives a clean cut through virtually any kind of rock.
  • The unit has a circulating fluid tank which provides the blade with lubricant either water or kerosene (for shaly rocks) hence ensuring that there is minimum environmental pollution.
  • 2 types of blades are used for core slabbing. Segmented blades are used for hard rocks like dolomites and anhydrites and unsegmented blades that are used for softer rock.
  • The bed is adjustable so that thin biscuit cuts can be taken.

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