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Drill Press
Drill Bits and Swivels
Slabbing Saws
Sample Trim Saw
Conventional Hot Air Oven
Hot Solvent Sample Cleaning
Cool Solvent Sample Cleaning Soxhlets
Dean and Stark Analysis
Glass Tares

Wax bath
For sample preservation, SS body and internal chamber, customized size, upto 400 deg C, available with a digital or analog temperature controller.

Vapour Extractors

For bulk sample cleaning, SS internals, glass wool insulation, with SS sheet outer body, with digital or analog temperature controller, starting from capacities of approximately 50 plug size samples or 5 full diameter samples (4 inch diameter and 1 ft long) to 200 plug samples or about 10 full diameter samples. Teflon seals for use with Toluene

Aluminum Foil

For sample preservation, 0.4 mm thickness, 50 cm width, available as rolls or precut to specified length sheets.

“Stainless Steel” mesh (Size 60 and 120)

1 inch and 1.5 inch diameter, for used for mounting unconsolidated samples, other mesh sizes also available.
High quality Copper or Silver mesh are also available, these can be used for mounted samples (in heat shrink) when performing Electrical Analyses.

Nickel foil

For Sample Mounting, available in rolls or precut sheets for mounting 1 inch or 1.5 inch samples.

Fiber Glass trays

For mounting biscuit cuts.

Clear Resin and Hardner

For Resination of Biscuit Cuts : 1 liter pack onwards

Thin section boxes

Plastic or wood, customized with company logo etc 50 or 100 slide capacity for standard TS sizes (1 inch x 2 inch slides)

Hydrostatic Core holders

SS 304, for 1 inch and 1.5 inch samples, 6000 psig rating, complete with material and hydrotesting certificates

Fluid Pressure Multipliers

SS 304, 6000 psig rating, complete with material and hydrotesting certificates

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Portable Spectral Core Gamma
Core Stabilization
Onsite Core Processing
Core Transportation
High Resolution CT Scanning
Core Processing
High Resolution Digital Imaging
Residual Saturations by Dean and Stark Method
Grain Density and Porosity
Steady State Gas Permeability
Specific Liquid Permeability
Residual Gas by Counter Current Imbibition
Amott Wettability
Electrical Analysis
Cation Exchange Capacity
USS Ambient Condition Relative Permeability
Pore Volume Compressibility
Return Permeability
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