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Hot solvents boil in a round bottom flask. The clean solvent vapours rise and are condensed in the condenser. Warm solvent drips down in the sample chamber.

The samples are soaked in warm solvents till the chamber is full of solvent when it automatically drains down in the lower round bottom flask.

This ensures that the samples are soaked only in clean solvents at any point in time.

Small Volume Hot Solvent Soxhlets

  • Borosil Glass, 1 Lit Body Capacity, and 3 liter flask
  • Heating Mantle : Powder coated metal body, 450 W individual heater
  • Liebeg Condenser.

Large Volume Hot Solvent Soxhlets

  • Borosil Glass, 3.5 liter Body Capacity, and 5 liter boiling flask
  • 150 mm diameter, 4 mm thick glass, flanged caps for ease of sample removal, for approx 20 1.5 inch dia and 3.5 inch long samples
  • Heating Mantle : Powder coated metal body, with 800 W individual heater
  • Concentric Double Condenser for greater cooling efficiency

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