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Relative Permeability

  • Universal Core Holder for both 1.0 inch and 1.5 inch sample diameter
  • Material of Construction : SS-304 (SS-316 is subject to rusting over a period of time, Option of SS-316 also available)
  • Rating : 10000 psig, 150 Deg C
  • Hastealloy C Flood Head with 2 ports for 1/8 NPT fitting and 1 port for 1/16 NPT Fitting, groved for even distribution of fluids
  • Groved Bottom Head
  • Supplied with SS Insert Seal Assembly for regular use and with Teflon Insert Seal for Conversion to measure Electrical properties at ambient conditions of temperature and overburden pressure
  • All Seals “Viton”. AFLAS replacements also provided
  • Constant Flow Rate Pump from 2 cc/min to 10 cc/min (Water Oil Relative Permeability)
  • 3 gas controllers for low medium and high pressure (Gas – Oil Relative Permeability)
  • Optional Fraction Flow Collector
  • Optional Digital Flow Gauges

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