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Residual Saturations Retort Method

Typically suited for Oil Shales or samples containing heavy oils.

  • Fast
  • All measurements on a single sample
  • Direct measurements of oil, water & gas saturations
  • Water Cooled bath
  • Upto 1400 deg F
  • Measure bulk Volumes using Mercury displacement method
  • Use same pump for gas determination
  • Can perform Capillary pressure by Mercury Injection upto 2000 psig.

Dean and Stark Analysis

The industry accepted standard to measure residual water and oil saturation is by the Dean Stark Method.

Laboratory grade toluene is predistilled to ensure that water, if any in the toluene is removed prior to the analysis.

The samples  are placed in preweighed glass tares (not fiberglass tares) and loaded in the Dean and Stark Apparatus.


Plug Size and Full Diameter Dean and Stark Units

  • Borosilicate glass, 1 lit, 3 lit or 5 lit boiling flasks
  • Plug size or full diameter size body
  • Liebeg Condenser
  • Calibrated receiving tubes

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