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Kerna Foam is soft, provides cushion while transportation and is easy to work with.

In addition to being a simple process, reduction in cost is achieved.

  • Two chemicals are premixed
  • Premixed solution is poured down the annulus and the barrel approximately ½ filled
  • Foam is created and expands in the annulus and fractures.
  • After foam reaches the top, the section is capped.
  • Setting takes ~25-40 minutes.

The core is chilled (not frozen) to prevent fluid loss and transport.

Kerna Foam for Unconsolidated Sediments

Foam stabilization is performed by injecting foam to full length (9m) and/or short length (1m) core barrels.

This core stabilizing system is used for fragile and/or unconsolidated sediments to minimalize the chance of mechanical core damage during transport.

Full length foam core-injection is usually advised for extremely fragile sediments prior to cutting into meter-sized core barrels.

Injection holes are being pre-drilled prior to injecting two-component foam into the barrel. The pre-drilled holes serve both as foam-injection points (ensuring full core encapsulation) as well as outlets holes for expulsing the mud out of the barrel during injection.

The stabilizing foam will then fill the annulus and fill any fractures and void space. Furthermore, the fast expanding foam will drain out the drilling mud by means of the injection-points.

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