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Drill Press

Plug samples, usually 1 inch and 1.5 inch in diameter are taken from core
samples for testing.

Swivel assemblies are available to plug under fluids and under liquid
nitrogen. A recirculating fluid tank can be provided with the drill press to minimize the use of fluids during plugging and reduce pollution.

  • A 3 phase 2 hp motor is capable of drilling into any rock from soft limestone to hard granites.
  • The bed can be rotated to take plugs in any angle desired, example parallel to bedding planes
  • Speed can be reduced so that samples can be taken in soft rock, for example while plugging under liquid nitrogen.

Sample Trim Saw

After the samples are drilled, they need to be trimmed to right cylinders.

This requires perfect alignment of the blade with the plug sample. A small error in the trimming angle could lead to a large error in calculated values.

  • 1.5 hp motor with variable speed from 750 1800 rpm
  • 6 inch, 0.04 inch blade
  • Circulating fluid tank

Slabbing Saw

The core needs to be slabbed, usually in a 1/3rd 2/3rd ratio to expose the finer geological details of the rock.

The exposed surface is then photographed under white light and UV light to maintain a permanent record of the core as well as to identify oil zones.

A perfect cut, without blade marks is required:

  • A 3 phase, 7.5 hp motor and a 16 inch blade gives a clean cut through virtually any kind of rock
  • Hand wheel operation for safety of the operator
  • The unit has a circulating fluid tank which provides the blade with lubricant either water or kerosene (for shaly rocks) hence ensuring that there is minimum environmental pollution.
  • Segmented blades are used for hard rocks like dolomites & anhydrites and unsegmented blades are used for softer rock.
  • The bed is adjustable so that thin biscuit cuts can be taken.

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