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Much attention is paid to core acquisition and the type of data that is needed, but not much importance is given to the actual handling and processing of the core and even less attention is given to understand the methodology of data generation, QA / QC protocols and monitoring process over the project.

Young reservoir engineers have limited knowledge of laboratory procedures
They know how to use the numbers produced by a laboratory, but do not understand how they are generated, nor are they aware of the QC checks that are required.

Core Analysis has become a monopoly between 2 or 3 companies
They have, over the years, developed a reputation for giving out final results and not giving out raw data nor disclosing the methodology used for data generation.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System “Does Not Guarantee” Quality
Protocols are defined by the laboratory and hence very rarely does a Lead Auditor know what to look out for. Laboratory audits and ISO certification becomes a formality. Laboratory audits by reservoir engineers are just a matter of a building a relationship with the service company.

Serious errors can be found if investigated
These are in almost all areas of the process including core handling, processing, calibration, data generation, data evaluation as well as data reporting.

It is not cost effective hire an individual on the payroll to oversee Core Analysis projects
However it is imperative that you need someone to actually supervise the process of data generation, data evaluation and reporting for the specific project.

Errors in Plug Handling
Weight Loss: Assumed Actual Oil Saturation 50%

  Errors in Sample Trimming
End Face Not Perpendicular To The Side

Error in Calculation
Unstressed Pore Vol, Wrong Method

  Error in Saturation Exponent
Insufficient Stabilization Time

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