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The Oil and Gas Industry in India is expanding at a rapid pace and so is the need for quality services. Though Core Analysis is a small part of the engineering inputs required by Oil and Gas Companies, it plays a critical part in all aspects of Reservoir Engineering, including drilling, well testing, well completion, production forcasting and enhancement upto well abandonment.

While the ONGC and OIL have their own laboratories, the private operators need to rely on private service providers. With just 2 service providers in India, we felt that there was a need for an Indian service provider in this area.

Backed by a group of Petroleum Engineers as Investors, a team having approximately 80 years of combined experience in practical Core Analysis and Special Core Analysis was formed in Early 2011. This quickly led to the establishment of a fully functional Core Analysis laboratory near Mumbai.

Today we not only provide Routine Core Analysis Services, but also Advanced Rock Properties and Shale Gas Services. Our equipment, designed and manufactured in India has helped not only institution set up their laboratories, but also other Core Analysis service providers, not just in India but in all major oil producing regions of the world.

Integrated Consultancy Services is a company built on strong fundamentals and the greatest weightage in our company philosophy is given to customer satisfaction and being honest in our business.

We do not have salesmen in our company, hence when we do business is extremely straightforward

We are a small company and we put a lot of emphasis on being humble.

We would like our personnel to multitask, to improvise and to localize, thus reducing our own cost and hence passing on the benefits to the customer.


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